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Leadership Spotlight

Meet the minds behind TYS Creative – a powerhouse team driven by passion and expertise. With a collective vision for innovation, our partners bring diverse backgrounds in design, marketing, and strategy to the table. United by a commitment to excellence, we collaborate seamlessly to deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations. Get to know the faces driving our success and discover the synergy fueling our creative engine.

Executive Team

Tin Yen

Founder & Creative Director

Tin's artistic journey spans over 25 vibrant years in the graphic design realm. His odyssey commenced alongside design luminary Saul Bass at Bass/Yager & Associates, where he sculpted logos, packaging, and promotional marvels for esteemed names like AT&T and Lawry's. In 1998, Tin ventured into the realm of innovation, founding TYS Creative, Inc. as a beacon of branding brilliance and interactive ingenuity. With a client roster boasting Epson, Toshiba, Disney, and Southern California Edison, Tin's visionary touch knows no bounds. Beyond design, Tin co-founded the kaleidoscopic world of Yolk Magazine, celebrating cultural diversity with every page turned. As an adjunct instructor at UCLA Extension Visual Arts for more than a decade, Tin continued to inspire and shape the next wave of creative visionaries.

Tin Yen Creative Director

Charlie Shames

Managing Partner

Meet Charlie, a seasoned marketing and communications expert with over 25 years of diverse experience. From crafting captivating theatrical movie trailers to spearheading innovative campaigns for industry giants like Fox Sports, NBA, and Sony Pictures Entertainment, Charlie's portfolio speaks volumes. Not just a practitioner, he's also a passionate educator, sharing insights on branding and consumer behavior at esteemed institutions like Drexel University and UCLA Extension. His expertise extends beyond the classroom, with published articles in top-tier magazines and trade journals, exploring the intersection of technology and creativity.

Charlie Shames Managing Director
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